A mobile app to help patients live positively with HIV

Keep on track Take control over your wellbeing with a quality of life tracker and flexible journal for moods and symptoms.

Keep on track

Take control over your wellbeing with a quality of life tracker and flexible journal for moods and symptoms.

Take control

Be empowered and take control of your health with easy to use trackers and tools for blood results and medications.


Stay Connected

Make conversations easier using sharable health progress reports, improve your health literacy and stay connected.

Total Privacy

Your data is stored on your device controlled with an optional login.


The Challenge

There are currently 30,000 people in Australia living with HIV and treatment and management is a major focus.

HIV medication is now so advanced that patients can live a long and healthy life.  Ironically this progress has introduced a new challenge for patients and doctors alike – successfully living with HIV.  Patients need to stay adherent to their medication, monitor their health on a daily basis and stick to a strict and complex regimen to manage their virus efficiently. But this is easier said than done.

The main issue HIV positive patients face is that their doctors are not always proactive in assessing them; this is due to short consultation windows and patients not being outright or prescriptive enough with their doctors about concerns or mishaps. This is mainly due to patients not having any centralised tools to accurately record or track their medical information.

This results in consultations not always being conducive of enhancing patients treatment and patients not being properly educated on how to efficiently self-manage their lives living with HIV.

Efficient HIV management involves a strict regimen inclusive of remembering to take multiple pills daily, attending monthly visits to their doctors and specialists, day to day tracking and documentation of their pill intake, blood results, quality of life, moods and mishaps.

Through comprehensive qualitive and quantative research with HIV patients and Health Care Professionals we found majority of HIV patients struggle to adhere to a strict routine due to a vast array of external factors ranging from drug abuse, poor finances, poor advice and just generally being overwhelmed with information.

Patients use a vast array of online and offline tools and techniques to manage their routines, documenting some things on paper, some on their mobile devices in unsecure environments and otherwise forgetting to document at all – thus resulting in not being able to properly educating their doctors during consultations, forgetting to take their pills and a generally lower quality of life. 

The idea

We concepted and developed the first ever mobile utility designed to assist patients in better managing their lives living with HIV.

MyLife+ is designed to effectively open up the lines of communication between patients and healthcare professionals to assist patients in getting more out of their specialist consultations and in turn enhancing their treatment and general wellbeing.

MyLife+ is specifically developed to assists patients in keeping track of their health, medications, blood results, and symptoms daily while also reminding patients to take their pills and attend appointments on time. With MyLife+ patients can now obtain more comprehensive reviews, plans, information and support.

The app is continually updated with health advice curated by NAPWHA, allowing patients to obtain more comprehensive research, information, reviews, plans, information and support. NAPWHA have also endorsed the MyLife+ mobile app.  

MyLife+ has been designed with security and privacy top of mind with patients personal information only available through the password protected interface and their personal information stored securely on their own device. Patients can share their private information directly with their health care professionals manually through secure encrypted emails.

MyLife+ mobile app empowers patients with the tools and self- confidence they need to better manage and track their regimen and make more informed choices in self-managing their HIV treatment.

Features & benefits

Health and Wellbeing Trackers

Tools to allow users to keep track of their blood results, medications, pill intake (with push notifications) and record and track their quality of life.

Dashboard Reports

Review all inputted data on a centralised dashboard and send customisable health progress reports to directly and securely to healthcare professionals ahead of appointments. 


Journal and Event Planner

Capture all elements of day-to-day life allowing users to keep track of moods, concerns and severities, and planning tools to keep track of appointments. 

Educational Content

Stay up to date with the latest health and wellbeing content curated by NAPWHA on a weekly basis. Content is personalised based on the users stage of their HIV journey . 


Case study video


Having only launched in October 2016 MyLife+ has already seen huge success, gaining on average 300 new users per month with each user spending around 35mins per session engaging with the apps tools and trackers. 

The app has been developed for both iOS and Android and is now available for download on both the AppStore and Google Play:


App Store (iOS):

Google Play (Android):